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Bunded Diesel Tanks and Protecting the Environment

Bunded Diesel Tanks: Health & Safety


What is a Bunded Diesel Tank?


Think of it like a tank within tank if that makes sense? Or like a flask with an outer wall and an inner wall. There is reason behind the design aspects of this which i will go into detail in a minute. Bunded diesel tanks are more commonly used in the commercial industry but they can also be used by home owners when a natural gas supply is unavailable to heat their home. Homeowners usually fill them with Home Heating Oil (HHO) which is delivered by a tanker truck. Commercially they can be filled with dangerous chemicals and toxic materials such as acids and alkalis.

How does it work?


This part shouldn’t confuse you too much but just try to keep up! As I mentioned before the tank contains two walls, an inner and an outer wall. This then creates a void between the two walls which can be filled with materials to protect the contents from leaking. An example would be if there was a hole punctured on the outside if the tank then it wouldn’t reach the inside tank because of the bunding material stopping the liquid acting as a emergency barrier.
The bunding is usually concrete or cement and this can hold back liquids such as oil really effectively while the actually material used to build the tank can vary from plastic or metal depending on the model and manufacturer. The reason for this type of tank is to project the environment from being contaminated due to a leak. This reduces the possibility greatly and believe it or not if your home is run on Home Heating Oil then some insurance companies actually require a Bunded tank to be installed and used rather than a single skin tank before they will even consider insuring you!
The same applies to commercial companies, it is a must rather than using single skin tanks because the environment is top priority when using hazardous and toxic chemicals. In the event of an accident the chemical will more than likely do much more damage and have a bigger impact rather than the initial accident itself and cost a lot more to repair and clean for that matter!

Should I Purchase One?


If you are considering changing to Home Heating Oil or are just looking to upgrade your tank then purchasing a Bunded tank is a much more better and sensible option. If give you piece of mind and security knowing there is an extra layer of protection in the event you should have a leak. It might even lower your insurance as we all know insurance companies love to see you are prepared and they reward you by charging you less!
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Purchasing Home Heating Oil Cheap

How to Purchase Home Heating Oil Cheaply

Everybody loves saving some money here and there, especially on bills! With a little knowledge you could save even more. Just look at some of my suggestions, tips and advice.

Home heating oil can be abbreviated to HHO. Normally died red it is commonly referred to as “red diesel”. Customers will phone up their heating oil provider and the fuel will be delivered by truck and stored in a tank above the ground. This is completely different to the normal gas pipeline that nearly every house has. You could consider it an alternative to using natural gas to heat your home especially when buy home heating oil in Liverpool as it is really cheap.



One of the most important things to do when you are looking to buy anything and looking for the best deal. Get onto a computer and get on the search engines and do some digging. Look for different companies, compare prices. Look on consumer forums for reviews and see if any of their customers have had a bad experience, maybe any hidden charges or drastic price increases. You might find a company with an amazing deal but have poor customer service so when it all goes wrong then you might as well talk to a brick wall. You could even look on some price comparison sites.

Deciding on a Provider


Feel free to call different companies, ask a few questions but remember they are on the phone to try and sell! Don’t let them tell you a load of mumbo jumbo and drift of the original question. If you feel like they are not being helpful then that could be a sign of poor customer service and the company could be all about money rather than valuing and keeping their customers. You should be asking questions along the lines of;

·         Any hidden charges after you purchase (such as delivery costs)
·         What’s the best deal they could possibly do
·         Any upcoming price increases
·         Are your charges fixed or can they vary
Hidden charges could really catch you out especially when buying home heating oil in Manchester, delivery being one of them so ask if the price they quote is the final price you pay! When they quote you the best price just remember they can ALWAYS go lower, try and push them as far as you dare. If they give you an amazing price and say “You must get this today or it won’t be available to you again” then don’t believe them. This is a simple little trick that pressures you into parting with your cash because you think a great bargain is only there for one time only when the reality is they more than likely do it with all new potential customers. If they give you that price ask for the quote in writing and then call another company asking if they can beat it!
You should also see if your costs are fixed meaning there’s no sudden price increases causing you the hassle of finding another provider who can do it cheaper. Of course there will be slight price variations due to the ever changing economy but don’t accept anything too drastic. Simple tips, tricks and methods can save you a little cash here and there and in today’s world every little bit we can save seems to help!
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